School Meals By Chef Patrick

We are delighted to have chef Patrick working with us!


The children (and staff) have a choice of freshly baked bread, delicious soups, and a meat or vegetarian option each day. Meals have become very popular, they are very  healthy and delicious, the perfect combination! Carmen, Dolly and Vjollca work with Patrick every day.

The lunch hall is a thriving part of the school at lunchtime, and behaviour is really positive. We also offer a quieter lunch group for the children we know prefer a quieter environment.

Lunches are free for all children from Reception to Year 6!



Here are our Spring Term Menus…


We are a nut free school. Please inform the office if your child has an allergy and we will work with you to cater for them effectively.

Additional note: Grasmere is a nut and sesame seed free school. Recently we have noticed a number of sesame/ nut-containing items bring brought into school by parents and children. Items such as cereal bars, chewy bars (such as Naked bars), breads or pastries containing sesame seeds/nuts, nut butters, humous and nut milks (including almond milk) should not be brought into school as many of the children here have serious allergies to nuts and sesame seeds. Therefore we would like to remind all parents/carers not to give children nut or sesame seed products to consume on school premises including at before and after school clubs and as snacks before or after school. This also applies to packed lunches on school trips. If you send in treats for your child’s birthday please make sure they are nut free too. Speak to your child’s teacher about any other allergies that may be present in the class.

Please see the Grasmere food policy (in the policy section of the website) if you need more information.