Year 3- Big Ben Class

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We have named our class Big Big! Could this be the world’s most famous clock? Big Ben is a global icon and one of the most visited landmarks in London. The tower makes up an essential part of the city skyline. No surprise! The golden clock is hard to miss, reaching almost 100 metres above street level.

Big Ben is a nickname for the Great Bell in the Elizabeth Tower, part of the Palace of Westminster in London. The palace is commonly known as the Houses of Parliament because it serves as the meeting place for the two UK houses of the Parliament: the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Staff team:

Hugo Bruton-Simmonds

Class teacher


Support Staff:

Julie Leaff / HLTA

Sarah Hosford / LSA-TA

Dilan Okten / LSA-TA

Barley Holden and Debbie Ashton – Interventions


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