School Development

We know that the education available at Grasmere is excellent, but we still have a strong drive to improve. We are open and honest about our provision and always look to enhance the current offer.

Developing Teaching and Learning:

All our staff are forward thinking and collaborative. Teachers are happy and confident to grow and share their practice and discuss the agreed approaches our school uses.

Please do read our single action plan below for the current academic year and feel free to ask your child’s teacher or a member of senior leadership team for more detail if needed.


In recognition of the learning that was limited during COVID lock downs, we have developed a COVID 19 Catch Up Premium Plan

Covid Catch-Up Premium Plan 2122

Developing other areas:

You can read in other sections of this website about how we have driven improvements to other key areas of the school. These include:

School Dinners:

We have worked with Chefs in Schools to maximise on the quality and taste of school meals. Please see the Chefs in School section for further details.

Extended school offer:

We are working alongside Junior Adventurers to make after school provision better. We also offer a wider selection of enrichment clubs and continue to add to this. Please see the school day and extended school page for more information.

Outdoor learning:

We have made huge improvements in the school grounds to make sure children have great provision to be active, have adventurous play and learn outdoors. Our garden has been totally re-landscaped to now include play areas, raised beds, bug hotels and a mud kitchen. The KS1 area has a bespoke climbing structure and fence with pods to carry out social play. More details can be found here.