Wellbeing and Mental Health

Support for well-being and mental health at Grasmere:

We are delighted to have joined the WAMHS (Well-being and mental health in schools) initiative this year, which gives us access to a mental health practitioner, known as a CAMHS Worker in School (CWIS). The CWIS is supported by Well-being Framework Partner and both meet regularly with the Head Teacher and SENCO to monitor, support and promote well-being in the school.

Our CAMHS Worker in School (CWIS) is Dr Ellen Presser who is a Counselling Psychologist working at First Steps. Dr Presser will be available in school (or by zoom link) every Thursday morning and can advise parents and/or staff with concerns about any pupil. Please contact headteacher@grasmere.hackney.sch.uk or dashton@grasmere.hackney.sch.uk if you would like to arrange a meeting with Dr Presser.

Our Well-being Framework Partner is Laleh Laverick who is a Learning and Management Advisor at Hackney Education. Laleh has worked in inner-city primary schools for over 20 years and has specialism in Inclusion and SEND.