Peer Mediators

The main responsibilities for peer mediators are:

  • To use Restorative Approaches to help younger children to express how they are feeling, talk about their problems and work out a solution for themselves.
  • To support children in finding their own solutions.
  • To be fair and not take sides.
  • To give time and effort to keep mediation running.

Our bespoke Peer Mediator program trains pupils in conflict resolution and offers valuable life skills to help sort out problems during playtimes. Our children take these roles very seriously.

The Peer Mediation program is designed for pupils in Y6. Children follow a formal application process and are interviewed. Places are awarded based on merit and an in-depth knowledge of the children taking account of considerations such as Pupil Premium. They are trained over the course of a full day.

Mediators are timetabled during lunchtimes to resolve disputes independently using careful language and questioning. This fosters self-esteem, confidence, empathy and the ability to see both sides of a situation.