Our Values

We want the vision of the school to reflect our values. The school originally consulted children, staff, governors and parents in identifying what makes Grasmere special.

We are kind:

Together we make friendships and work with everyone using compassion and humility. We are restorative: we communicate calmly and listen to each other.

We are brave:

Regardless of where we begin, everyone at Grasmere has the courage to aim high and achieve with confidence. We are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. We feel safe to take on a challenge and push our talents with determination and a thirst to question and satisfy our curiosity.

We are creative:

We make our learning exciting! We enjoy many enriching opportunities through a broad curriculum. We feel engaged and enthusiastic to discover and enhance our skills and knowledge.

We have respect:

We are a diverse community. Our staff, students and entire school community work in harmony, inclusively shaping the way we behave to grow, understand and celebrate difference and contribute to society in a meaningful way.


Grasmere Primary School:

 Growing Minds, Promoting Success