We have a very strong Maths, English [phonics, reading and writing], Computing and Science offer [the core subjects]. At Grasmere we firmly believe that the wider curriculum is of equal value, and essential to ensure children have a broad learning experience during their Primary career. This includes humanities [History, Geography and RE], as well as art, design and technology, music and physical education, PSHE and Spanish.

Fundamental to our ethos is a strong belief that children should achieve not only academically and be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed beyond primary school, but also, and equally as crucial, emotionally.

To ensure this academic and emotional success, our curriculum has to have very solid foundations. There are 3 vital curriculum cornerstones that any teacher needs to promote in their planning that cover the spiritual, moral, social and cultural [SMSC] aspects of learning:

  • the Grasmere values of Creativity, Kindness, Bravery and Respect
  • the clear understanding by all staff that any learning should be approached through a Growth Mind-set
  • the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle

Therefore in every unit taught, there are opportunities to link topics to our values. Growth mind-set is promoted alongside social and mental learning through circle time and PSHE, as well as through learning behaviours and restorative approaches. We want all children to be healthy and active so Physical Education is varied and a healthy lifestyle is promoted by accessing the Garden regularly and being involved with growing produce as well as accessing structured play at break and lunchtimes and enriching lunchtime. WE also maximise on visits around our local area as well as further afield.