Meet the Governors

‘Staff are proud of their work and proud of their school. Leaders consider the well-being of all
staff members. Morale is high. Governors share the ambition of the school’s leaders and are
knowledgeable about the curriculum. They work effectively in partnership with school leaders
to develop and strengthen the curriculum’


The membership of the Governing Body [SEPT 2022] is as follows:

Parent Governors – elected by parents of children at Grasmere

Jen Flandro (Chair of Governors)

Nicola Foster (Vice Chair of Governors and Chair of Curriculum Committee)

Julia Warwick term of office ends 03/12/2022
Wayne Freeman (Curriculum Committee) term of office ends 03/12/2022
Nicola Foster (Curriculum Committee) term of office ends 03/12/2022

Local Authority Governor


Staff Governors – elected by the staff at Grasmere

Jess Moher term of office ends 4/10/26

Co-opted Governors

Pauline Kinch (Chair of Finance Committee) Term of office ends 01/09/2024
Richard Tarrant Term of office ends 01/09/2024


No current appointed governor has any business or financial interest in the school. A register for pecuniary interests is taken annually and a declaration is a standing item in every meeting.

Business Interests Register 2021-22

There are also no material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives).

If any of these statements were to change, we would publish it here.

All governors have voting rights on the full governing body and in committees they serve on.

Sub committees- membership and make up:

Curriculum Committee:

Jennifer Flandro (Chair of Governors and Curriculum Committee Chair),  Robert Miller, Nicola Foster, Wayne Freeman , Neela Moorghen (Headteacher).

Finance Committee:

Pauline Kinch (Chair), Richard Tarrant, Jenn Flandro,  Neela Moorghen (Headteacher).


Other functions:

Complaints/Exclusions/ Employee Relations/Employee Relations Appeals:

Jennifer Flandro, Pauline Kinch, Robert Miller.

(any available and eligible three governors)

Performance Review of the Headteacher:

Pauline Kinch, vacancy.


Nicola Foster