Reception Class – Elvis Class

Staff team:

Class Teachers:
Siobhan Maguire (Mon – Wed)
Sarah Hosford (Thur & Fri)

Learning Support:
Angelo Russell Lane

In Reception class we decided to call our class after the musician Elvis Presley. We enjoyed listening to his music and looking at his dance moves. We decided to choose Elvis as we were interested in how his music was influenced by the music of cultures particularly gospel music and soul music. During his time racism and prejudice towards black people was common. People judged him and his music and refused to have anything to do with his rock ‘n’ roll music which they referred to as ‘black music’.

There are a lot of people who feel Elvis was brave and brought music to new audiences and opened up the opportunities for black musicians. From Elvis we think about being Brave and being Confident and Enjoying music from a variety of sources, cultures and artists.

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