School Council

The School Council meets every Friday afternoon and is comprised of 2 elected members of each class and 2 deputies from Year 1 to Year 6.

Representatives of each class attend weekly meetings, bringing discussion points, questions and suggestions from class meetings.

Children take it in turns to chair and minute meetings.

The School Council has been instrumental in driving forward and making major initiatives within school including changes to school meals, improvements to playground provision, fundraising, behaviour and the recent major Project Playground scheme.

2019 / 2020 School Council Representatives:                           

Year 1: Caleb Okoubi & Vera Emery

Year 2: Louis Campbell & Olivia Shire

Year 3: Frieda Taylor & Daniel Smith

Year 4: Bryan Teixeira & Valentina Cilenti

Year 5: Sam Burridge & Ela Demir

Year 6: Florenica Ocaranza Heredia & Whittaker Freeman       


Year 1: No Deputies

Year 2:  Eden & Mirianna Pilaca

Year 3: Grace Wood & Isaac Hartley

Year 4: Ashveer Nihal Singh & Nylah Farmer

Year 5: Samantha Kamara, George Tsamouris, Bear Ford & Bella Reynolds

Year 6: Lara Bella Saunders & Joe Dickie