Parent Surveys

Grasmere Primary School Parents and Carers Survey

The teaching is good 96%

My child likes school 94%

The school is helping my child become mature and responsible 91%

Behaviour in the school is good 87%

The school expects my child to work hard and achieve his or her best 87%

My child is making good progress at school 83%+

I would feel comfortable approaching the school with questions or a problem 82%

My child understands what to do if they or others are victims of bullying 78%

Subjects: How would you rate the achievement of your child in:

History & Geography 98%

Sports 96%

Music 96%

RE 94%

Mathematics 92%

Literacy 92%

Art 92%

ICT 89%

Science 88%

Drama 77%

General issues: How would you rate the school in terms of:

Making learning exciting, interesting and fun 96%

Caring for your child and looking after their needs 94%

School meals 81%

After School Club 74%

What do you think are the most positive aspects of Grasmere Primary School are?

Community feel
Approachable staff
Staff knowledge of children
Happy children
Confident children
School ethos/values
Improvements in maths

Here are some of the quotes parents expressed in comments in the survey:

  • “Excellent teachers with visible signs of excellent lesson preparation”
  • “My child’s Teaching Assistant is exceptional and gives me the best window into my child’s overall progress and day to day welfare and is tremendously suypportive of the children.
  • “Teachers are always visible and available to parents as is the headteacher and support staff.
  • “Teachers are always happy to talk over any concerns.
  • “I have always been impressed by how responsive and willing to hep all staff are. Thak you!
  • “Staff follow things up with care and attention”.
  • “Teachers make learning fun and interesting.”
  • “Governors are on track with improvements and genuinely take on board parents concerns.”
  • “Staff give kids structure and teach them respect.”
  • “Teachers find ways of bringing the curriculum to life.”
  • “Staff are open to constructive criticism.”
  • “The school listens, understands and treats each child as an individual and puts their needs first.”
  • “The head and deputy create a great inclusive atmosphere.”
  • “Teachers look at each child’s individual needs and personalities to get the best from them.”
  • “Good stable management and a warm and caring staff.”
  • “Positive teachers leaving a lasting impression on children.”