Climate Action School

As a school we recognise that we are facing climate breakdown on an unprecedented global scale. There is now increasing understanding of the implications of this on our planet and on how we live as communities and as individuals.

While the challenges we face can seem daunting, they also present exciting and inspiring opportunities for changing the world for the better. Children in communities across the country, and indeed the globe, are leading this debate and we feel we need to tap into this energy, vision and passion and put Grasmere children at the heart of our efforts to become a Climate Action School [CAS].

As a CAS we aim to embed respect for the planet and its resources as well as an understanding of our relationship with the natural world into the daily life of the school – from the food we serve in our canteen to the development of our curriculum and the way in which we use our school garden.

A Green Council [see pupil voice section] will deepen pupils understanding of what climate action might look like and will empower them to have a say in what it means to them.

Our core values

As a CAS, we wanted to dovetail our Grasmere values and ensure they are brought to life through the way in which we use the school grounds, school management practices, teaching in the classroom and through our interface with the wider community:

KINDNESS: We protect wildlife and the living planet

We promote biodiversity within our school garden and use this as a teaching resource. We employ sustainable gardening practices. We demonstrate the importance of wildlife and we seek to find it within the busy inner-city.

RESPECT: We promote sustainable living 

We teach responsible consumption and waste management in the classroom and model it through our in-school practices (reduce, reuse, recycle etc); we teach children about where food comes from and its environmental impact; we use resources responsibly throughout the school

CREATIVITY: We support local environmental initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of the school community and the wider local community

We support wider initiatives to improve the local area for its residents and to make Hackney a greener, more sustainable borough

BRAVERY: We are inspired to change our community and the wider world for the better

We approach change with positivity and seek to empower Grasmere’s pupils to define what change might look like. We look beyond the school gates to the wider community and understand the role we all play in building that community. We help pupils make the connection between resilience and local community. We are creative in the way we bring these themes to life.

Our overview:

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