Read Write Inc. Phonics

With over 44 different sounds but only 26 letters to make them with, English has one of the most complex spelling codes in the world. This can cause confusion for anyone learning to read and spell as letters combine together in different words to make different sounds. For example, the letter ‘e’ sometimes makes the sound /e/ (e-g-g). It could, however, also make the sound /ea/ (t-ea) or /ey/ (th-ey). And this is only the begging.

To best support our pupils to learn to read each sound, we teach them systematically, using the system based programme, Read Write Inc. 

We begin by teaching children Set 1 Sounds, the first thirty sounds that will enable them to blend sounds to read words (e.g. s/a/t blended together read as ‘sat’).

Children are first introduced to the sounds with images with a rhyme to support recall and letter formation. These rhymes can be found here.

The children then begin reading stories and texts that have these thirty sounds within them so that they are able to apply their phonic knowledge and develop reading fluency.

Whilst teaching the children to read the sounds, we are simultaneously teaching them to write and spell words that include these sounds, and then use them within short sentences.

As children conquer their sounds, we introduce Set 2 and then Set 3 sounds and the children read complimentary texts to these with increasingly more complex sounds and graphemes (different ways of spelling the same sound /ae/ or /ay/). The children are shown that a sound can be written using 2, 3 or sometimes even 4 letters and they use these rules to spell words.

Read Write Inc believes that by reading the sounds, you can read the words, and therefore the story.

For more information on Read Write Inc., how it is taught in school and how you can support your child at home, please visit this page.

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