P.E. Curriculum

Our vision for all children at Grasmere Primary School is to provide an engaging P.E. curriculum that provides children with a rich experience to explore their physical and sporting skills through a wide range of sports and activities. Ultimately, we aim to equip children with the fundamentals of movement (agility, balance and coordination).

The overall aim of the Grasmere P.E. provision is to allow children a safe space to develop their communication, teamwork and physical skills through their P.E. lessons. Through our scheme of work, children should demonstrate progress within each year group to eventually leave Grasmere in Year 6 with a rich portfolio of sporting achievements and many happy memories.

This is achieved through a broad and balanced curriculum with units that include:

  • Ball games and skills (incl. Cricket, Hockey, Rounders and Football)
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Swimming (Year 3 and above)
  • Kayaking (Year 6)

Each unit is taught across a half-term and builds upon the previous year’s learning.

PE policy – Grasmere 2022 2023

The promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle is paramount to a child’s success at school. The P.E. provision at Grasmere also aims to embed physical activities across the curriculum where teachers incorporate physical activities in other lessons. Every year group participates in the Daily Mile where children build their strength and fitness levels through fifteen minutes of running every day.

Daily Mile

Parents and children participating in a family Daily Mile session.

We run as a team and don’t pass anyone out!


When teaching Gymnastics at Grasmere, teachers focus on the stage of each child’s physical development to ensure the fundamentals of movement are incorporated into each activity in a safe and accessible way. Children are taught how to jump, roll, balance, and navigate an apparatus.


Year 2 Gymnastics lesson focusing on the correct posture to take while jumping from an apparatus.

Ball games and skills

Through ball game activities, children learn how to develop the fundamental movement skills to manipulate and control an object successfully. They develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills through a series of throwing and catching drills and games.



The dance units taught at Grasmere, allow children to explore the various shapes they can make with their bodies to tell a story through movement. By building up their ability to move around the space with confidence, children begin to develop the key coordination techniques needed to express themselves through dance and movement in time to music.


Year 1 using different body shapes to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.


KS2 year groups enjoy weekly swimming lessons at Clissold Leisure Centre. In these lessons, they are taught how to use a range of strokes proficiently (including front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke). They are taught important water safety rules. By the end of KS2, all children should be able to swim confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.


In Summer Term 2, Year 6 enjoy weekly kayaking lessons at Laburnam Boat Club in Haggerston.

Bikeability and Bike Around the Borough

In Years 5&6, children can participate in Bikeability lessons with Cycle Confident. The aim of these lessons is to provide children with the necessary coordination and confidence skills needed to ride a bike. Children are taught about cycle safety and are brought out onto the roads to safely navigate the roads around Stoke Newington. At the end of Year 6, we join other schools in Hackney for the Bike Around the Borough event.