Tracy Chapman Class

Autumn 1


What does this image make you think of? Repeating patterns!

In music, repeating patterns are known as ostinatos. You can have a melodic ostinato or a rhythmic ostinato.

This week, we learnt about rhythmic ostinatos and had a go at learning how to layer them to see the effect.

We noticed how important beat and tempo were to keep the ostinato in time! These were the patterns we followed, can you have a go at home with your family?


This week we focused on passing a beat around the room. Can you play it with your family? Make it even trickier by dropping more than one word!

We also began learning about Tracy Chapman’s song, Fast Car.

We found and discussed the beat of the song and had a go working as conductors to change the tempo and see what effect this has. We also considered the song’s untraditional arrangement of verses, choruses and bridge.

Can you remember the structure and why this was unusual?

Below are the lyrics that we have learnt so far and a link to the karaoke version. Remember to sing at a pitch that your voice feels most comfortable: