Nina Simone Class

This term we have been learning the ukulele with Hugo and Emmy.

We started by learning the names for all of the parts of the ukulele with help from the song My Ukuklele has a Body:

My ukulele has a body,

A neck and a head,

But it’s got no arms and legs!

A neck and a head

It has a bridge and a sound hole,

A fretboard and a nut.

Four strings and tuning pegs.

A neck and a head.

As we all know, ukuleles have a habit of going out of tune quite quickly. If you would like to tune your ukulele at home, try to tune it to this Youtube video.

Simone Class have also become great strummers through learning the song That Thumb Brush Strum.

Have a go at home!

There once was a man in Tennessee

Kept cookies in his ukulele

Now cookies are such crumble things

He dropped some crumbs all over the strings

Brushing the strings with his thumb

Link to Youtube video