Elvis Class


This week we warmed up our voices by singing about the journey of a bee, wasp and a fly with a rather messy ending! Do you remember the warm up? Can you teach your family?

We then had a lot of fun warming our bodies up with a round of Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Perhaps you want to sing it at home.

This term, we are learning about beat, rhythm and melody. We learnt a new song called Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear in which a teddy bear had us moving around to the beat. 

Here it is below if you’d like to practice at home. I wonder if you could add in some rhyming instructions of your own. Remember, it needs to stick to 4 beats in a bar. 

Youtube link to Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear


This week we learnt about lyrics. We found out how ‘lyrics’ are the words in a song and that we can have a lot of fun playing around with them. We had a go at making ‘She’ll be Comin’ ’round the Mountain’ as silly as possible and thought of lots of great dance moves to accompany ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’.

I am looking forward to hearing the versions you created at home!