Dolly Parton Class


We had a very busy music lesson this week, travelling to lots of different countries in our aeroplane!

Our lesson began by warming up our voices, singing about the journey of a bee, wasp and a fly with a rather messy ending! Do you remember the warm up? Can you teach your family?

Then we set off on our journey, learning the lyrics, melody and dance moves to We’re Going ’round the World. 

Have a listen below if you’d like to practice at home.




This week, Dolly Parton Class began exploring melody.

We learnt that melody is the main tune in a piece of music. We had a go at singing If You’re Happy And You Know It with Emmy playing the melody on her baritone ukulele.

As Emmy was playing such an exciting instrument, we discussed the other stringed instruments that we knew of, including the ukulele and the guitar and learnt the difference between them.

The ukulele has 4 strings and has a high pitched sound.
The baritone ukulele has 4 strings and a deeper sound than the traditional ukulele.

We then had a go at singing She’ll Be Comin’ ’round the Mountain. We had a lot of fun re-making the lyrics to create all sorts of silly adventures for the ‘she’ in our song. For example, ‘She’ll be dancing with her dinner when she comes…’.

I wonder what you will come up with at home…