As our classes are named after musicians, we will be using our music assemblies to learn a song from each. This half-term we are focusing on Otis Redding’s The Dock of the Bay.

Here are the lyrics and the link to both the song and the backing track on Youtube.


ThisĀ  term’s whole-school focus is on melody, beat, rhythm and tempo.

During assembly, we took a look at the difference between beat and rhythm. We learnt that:

Beat is a unit of time in a piece of music. It is the pulse that you might feel or clap to in a song.

Rhythm is a pattern of sound and silence in a piece of music that you will hear over the top of the beat.

Tempo controls the beat and tells us how fast or slow a piece of music will be.

We know that the most common timing for a piece of music is 4 beats in a bar.

We learnt to read these 4 beats and create rhythm over the top of it.

In KS2 we had a go at setting lyrics of different pop songs to 4 beats in a bar.

I have challenged children to have a go with their favourite song, using the plain sheet below.

Follow the links below to your class page:

Tracy Chapman Class

Duke Ellington Class

Jimmy Cliff Class

Nina Simone Class

Otis Redding Class

Dolly Parton Class

Elvis Class

Lin Class

Our Music Lead is Emmy. .