Music at Grasmere Primary School

Our Music curriculum at Grasmere aims to engage and inspire all pupils to develop a love of music; creating passionate, informed and confident musicians.‚Äč

We have a rich and diverse curriculum that covers both the National Curriculum and the Model Music Curriculum across KS1 and KS2 whilst also providing opportunities for all pupils to discover their musical voice across a range of instruments and experiences.

Through exploration, investigation, song, dance and play, children discover music in the early years, creating the building blocks for musical learning that will be nurtured and built upon throughout their time at Grasmere.

Model Music Curriculum skills and knowledge maps


Year 1 MMC

Year 2 MMC

Year 3 MMC

Music Teacher

Specialist Teaching




Hackney Music Festival, 2024

Parent Permission Letter

Link to google drive of lyrics and music – please open the file for your child’s year phase.