History & Geography


At Grasmere, we believe that history and geography should inspire lifelong curiosity about the past and the world around us. Experiences and learning should be meaningful, engaging, and should equip children with skills that they can build on, throughout primary school and beyond. We aim to promote enquiry in both history and geography. We endeavour to give children enriching experiences, through field work and relevant educational visits in our local area. We are passionate about ensuring our curriculum is equitable and that cultural capital is accessed by all children.

In history, we hope to give children the skills to become discerning, critical historians who can weigh evidence, sift arguments, and see different perspectives. Thereby, they are encouraged to challenge the status quo and to feel empowered to question the validity of what they’re told through source analysis. Children should develop a balanced view of Britain’s history, and its role in key historical events throughout the world. They should be exposed to the history of humankind in a way which reflects and represents them, and which allows them to shape their own view of their identity.

We aim to give children a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world, through their study of geography. This gives them a lens through which they can comprehend the threats posed to that world and encourages them to feel a personal investment in the climate crisis and in tackling it. We aim to deliver a rich, representative view of human geography which celebrates world cultures in a way which allows us to see our differences but also to explore how we are interconnected.

Grasmere History and Geography Curriculum Overview Y1-6

Our History and Geography leads at Grasmere are Shannen and Emmy.