We endeavour to teach an inspiring and engaging computing curriculum that covers the three strands of Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

While we want our children to learn and progress in their computing skills at the heart of our curriculum is a collective responsibility to keep children safe while using Online Resources. We want to empower Grasmere children to make informed, conscious decisions about what they do, and what they access Online.

Key to our overall school message is that children are aware of the Three C’s when using Online Resources, and question the Content they are using, Contact they might be making and their Conduct. This links closely with our save guarding responsibilities.

Children develop skills and enthusiasm for computer programming through direct Coding lessons. These lessons spark their imagination, and they are then keen to develop their skills beyond the classroom setting.

We have embedded many key computing skills across the curriculum where skills can be better taught by being used in a practical context such as research for History or producing word processed documents or reports for Literacy.

We understand that computing is a key part of our everyday lives and will be a big part of our children’s future and possibly careers we want children to have an equality of experience within the computing curriculum and are sensitive and aware that were necessary we provide more support to children so that they have an equity of experience within computing.

Computing is an exciting and rich part of the curriculum. At Grasmere Primary School we want children not only to be active but most importantly safely guided through this learning journey, and thereby confident in taking this journey onwards.