The school has carefully outlined the reading provision across the school [see reading provision document below]. This clear articulation of the reading offer demonstrates a wealth of provision and that reading enjoys a consistently high profile at the school.

In KS2, Destination Reader has been introduced and embedded to increase challenge at KS2 in reading and has shown to give children a greater engagement with reading. KS2 reading at GDs in 2019 SATs was 15% above national. Reports from Hackney Learning Trust advisor visit shows that new staff are supported in its implementation and current staff are offered opportunities to observe peers within the school to enhance their knowledge and delivery.

There is a strong focus across the school on reading for pleasure. Paired reading takes place weekly whereby older children come down and read with younger children. There are also weekly visits to our wonderful school library where children can check books in and out, just like at their local library. We have also launched ‘read together’. This is an initiative where any parent or carer can come to the school at a set time every week to read with their child or a small group of children.

If any child is struggling with their reading, we have a range of high quality interventions to support them. These include this year being involved in ‘project reader’, a Hackney initiative to try to close the gap between the lowest 20% of readers and their peers.

Our reading lead is Lena. Please speak to her if you require further information.

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Reading Provision at Grasmere