At Grasmere, phonics is taught in all classes using the Sounds Write programme.

Sounds-Write is a quality first phonics programme. Its purpose is to provide classroom professionals with a comprehensive system with which to teach reading, spelling and writing. At Grasmere it is introduced in Reception, taught in KS1 and fine-tuned throughout the rest of Key Stage 2. In addition, it also serves very successfully as an intervention or catch-up programme.

All key staff have in depth training in this approach and have become highly skilled in delivering this daily phonics programme. This lays very solid foundations for all children to progress and gain confidence in readiness for the Phonics Screening test in the summer term in Year 1. A national pass rate is set each year for children to successfully pass the screening test and this data published with national comparisons. Children who do not successfully pass the screening in Year 1 will be required to be reassessed in Year 2.

With this phonics programme, home reading books are matched to the phonological level of your child to reinforce the sounds that they are learning. Alongside phonics, we are keen for children to develop a love for reading so all children in these year groups also have paired reading, visits to the school library and read together [see reading page for more details and a provision map for reading].

Our phonics lead is Lena. Please speak to her if you require further information.

Useful Documents:

High frequency words for parent reference

Sounds Write leaflet for Reception parents

Common spellings of consonants and vowels for parents