COVID-19 Information

PLEASE NOTE: FROM Monday 23rd March 2020 the SCHOOL IS CLOSED until further notice but remains open only to vulnerable children or children of key workers. Thank you to the whole Grasmere community for your understanding and support at such a difficult time.


We are trying hard to keep all parents informed regarding school action in the face of Coronavirus [COVID 19]. Please check this section regularly for all you need to know regarding the response to this challenging situation.

Grasmere Risk Assessment for September 2020 Website Version

We would like to thank you for the support and it has been amazing to see the Grasmere community pull together in  these uncertain times. Please use this section to stay up to date and access home school learning.

We act on any guidance given to us and currently we are taking the following measures:

  • We insist all children wash hands regularly but especially before eating, after going to the toilet and after play.
  • We are alert to the most recent Public Health England guidelines [12th March 2020] of symptoms which are EITHER:
    • high temperature
    • new, continuous dry cough
  • We will phone parents if these symptoms present themselves in school and expect parents to pick their child up as soon as possible and adhere to PHE guidance of keeping children at home for the recommended 7 days.
  • We are protecting the most vulnerable children and staff in our school, so we expect full cooperation from all parents should the school seek it.
  • We are not sharing cups. Please ensure your child has a water bottle that is taken home and cleaned daily.
  • We are keeping the school as clean as possible- our cleaners have put a weekly program in place on Mondays using a product called Steri 7. This is a product that sterilises and disinfects, killing germs for 7 days once applied to a surface. Steri 7 has no scent and is safe, it is currently used in hospitals. It is applied to surfaces, door handles, toilet handles, hand rails etc. and daily cleaning can be carried out without the product being affected.
    Should guidance change we will update this page and communicate with you through text message to alert you.


Useful visual comparison of symptoms:

Educational Websites if your child is self isolating:

General Resource bank for all ages CLICK HERE

Another General Resource bank for all ages CLICK HERE

TT Rockstars

Cbeebies for KS1 and Early Years

Natural History Museum: do a project in KS2