Assessment at Grasmere Primary School is informed by our curriculum. Assessment has three forms:

  • In-school formative assessment (marking, questioning, observations, conditions for learning)
  • In-school summative assessment (end of unit tests and assessments and Pupil Review Meetings which back up judgements o staff).
  • Nationally-standardised summative assessment (Reception on-entry Baseline assessment and end of Early Years assessment, Year 2 and 6 National Curriculum Tests and Year 1 Phonics screening, which validate teacher assessments).

From Nursery upwards classes follow Target Tracker to assess pupil attainment and progress.

Please see each class’s assessment documents for more details. An overview on how assessment and reporting operates in the school please see the “Assessment and Reporting Pupil Progress with the New National Curriculum” leaflet.

Nick Mallender


Grasmere Assessment Leaflet

Assessment Policy 2019

Assessment cycle