SchoolPing App

SchoolPing App

We have been looking at how we can improve communication at Grasmere. Currently we use a text message service and, as the maximum message size is 160 characters, it often limits the necessary information needed. Also, looking at responses from parent surveys, we have picked up on the frustration that text messages are only able to be sent to one parent, leaving many feeling out of the loop.

Therefore we hope an app is a much more accessible platform as, once the Schoolping app is downloaded [from Apple or Android app stores], any parent can then access a host of communications from the school including:

Messages to read (not restricted to 160 characters) with attachments (i.e. photos, files)  Forms to complete (i.e. for trips and visits)   Booking system for future parent evenings

An email will be sent to you on Monday with more information about how to log in and get started. It is very user friendly and we really hope that it makes receiving communications from the school easier to access and engage with. We will start using it as the main method of communication from Tuesday 18th May 21.

Please bear with us during the setup process.