New COVID-19 phone line

Dear Parent/Guardian

To support the school, please could you follow the actions outlined in the recent flow chart. If your child is unwell, it is really important the office is given clear details, whether COVID related or not.

You can either email or contact us via call/text on our new COVID-19 number 07810 752142 for any COVID-19 related information.

If you have any other enquiries please contact the school office on 020 7254 4564.

At school, our staff are continually monitoring the wellbeing of your child. If they feel that your child is clearly displaying a COVID 19 symptom, you will be contacted immediately and will need to pick up your child. They will be given a form for your information. The staff know not to be reactionary so if you are contacted, there will be clear evidence that your child is displaying a symptom. I thank you in advance for your understanding and support of the school’s desire to ensure all children are kept safe at this difficult time.

Thank you
Grasmere Team