Parent / Carer Survey Results

As a result of the Parent/ Carer survey carried out at the end of the Summer term, we wanted to let you know what action we have taken towards some of the areas you raised that the school needed to improve.

You said… We did…
More frequent contact between school and home The text service is now more widely used by class teachers and senior management, as well as the office, to alert Parents and Carers of key events and information.

The school has a twitter account that regularly updates and reports on exciting things the school is doing. Much of this content is also on the website.

Newsletters continue to be published every other week.

More warning about key dates across each term A list of key dates for the term is displayed on the parent/ carer notice board by the entrance of the school. These dates are mirrored in the newsletter. Any additional dates are on the weekly update notice, also displayed on the parent/ carer notice board.
More parent/ carer coffee mornings and family learning opportunities There have been two coffee mornings so far this term with one more planned for next Thursday. Next term, there will be one coffee morning each half term. All coffee mornings are focused on key priority areas for the school.

There was a really well attended family learning day linked to Black History month and there will be at least one family learning opportunity for the remaining terms this year.

Clear messages about anti bullying across the whole school The school had a successful anti bullying week with the clear message of all different and all equal. This was reinforced by explicit lessons and assemblies about how to recognise challenge and speak up against bullying. There was wide involvement in the two dress-up opportunities and the link to the Grasmere values of Respect, Kindness and Bravery was made clear. The value of Creativity was celebrated by some of the children’s outfits!